Stone Fruit does not offer Queer + Trans 101, a course detailing the intricacies of queer communities, our history, or our secrets. For one, it would be bold of us to assume we have all the information to teach you. Secondly, we don’t believe it is necessary nor helpful to teach this information — in fact, it’s usually overwhelming and daunting to receive a crash course in information that takes queer individuals lifetimes to uncover, build, and protect.

When humans are worried about saying the wrong thing, we usually default to common social narratives (it’ll work roughly 50% of the time!) or say nothing at all. Because there is so much information and terminology readily accessible about queer identities, we often lose sight of what’s important: how to interact respectfully with populations that differ from our own. Stone Fruit offers facilitation and consulting packages to help your organization interact respectfully with LGBTQIA2S+ populations.


A group of people, Emily, a powerpoint presentation, interactive activities, thought-provoking discussions. Workshops usually run 1-2 hours; rates are based on group size/level of complexity and range between $40-120 per hour. Sliding scale is available for accessibility. Please contact us for a free consultation and quote. If you have unique needs for facilitation, we’d love to collaborate on a specific workshop to meet those needs, or point you towards a practitioner who could better do so.


ABCDLGBTQIA2S+?!: Intro to Queer Populations for Newcomers to Canada (CLB 1-8)
This workshop draws from Emily’s experiences as an English language instructor and queer person in Canada, and can be tailored for CLB levels 1-8. CLB 1-3 presentations rely predominately on visuals, CLB 4-8 presentations include interactive activities focused on social narratives. This is a gentle introduction to Canadian laws and expectations around queer individuals.

How to Say Hello: Intro to Queering Client Services
This workshop focuses on making your client interactions queer-inclusive and welcoming for all relationships, families, relationships, and genders. We will talk about ways to navigate pronouns, assumptions, routine questions, and briefly cover some situations you might encounter working with the public. This workshop is created for sales and customer service representatives and service providers.

Office Talk: Embedding Inclusivity into Internal Communications
This workshop focuses on growing a practice of inclusive workplace interpersonal communications, from emails to meetings to water-cooler chats. We will chat collaboratively about open-ended questions, pronouns, and navigating boundaries with your colleagues.
This workshop can be a valuable team-building exercise for any group of colleagues that work together regularly, and can also be valuable for navigating the World Outside Work (WOW).


Emily, your management team, hands-on consultations about how you can make your services more accessible to marginalized populations.

Consultation Packages

Identify & Strategize: What to do, how to do it? This consultation package includes 2-3 hour meeting for collaborative, hands-on consultation and strategy-building; collaboration from organization employees prior to meeting (via an anonymous quiz); and a typed out summary of our meeting for your records. 
Material covered: Identifying systemic barriers that prevent marginalized populations from accessing your services; concrete and tangible first steps to take in making your services more accessible and transparent.
$350.00-$500.00, based on size of organization. Some sliding scale spots available per month.

Implementing Change: Beyond the First Steps
This consultation package includes 2 initial hours of collaborative, hands-on work with management teams, and 3 follow-up accountability meetings.
Material covered: Identifying and implementing the next steps in providing holistic and inclusive services for LGBTQIA2S+ communities; avoiding tokenization, embedding inclusive language in communications. 

Pre-Requisite: Identify & Strategize: Beyond the First Steps
$400.00-$850.00, based on complexity and size of organization. We will provide a breakdown of costs and labour with each quote.