Inclusive Edits

Trying to reach a wider audience? Sometimes the language we use can unintentionally flag services as unsafe or inappropriate for a wide range of populations. With a background steeped in inclusive language, we can fine-tune language by focusing on tone, word choice, and composition.

Please contact for rates.

Queer-Friendly Edits

Need an editor that won’t try to correct your singular they pronouns or neutralize the language you use? We work to stay up to date with language around queer identities and politics, and would love to work with you on your project – articles, stories, books, you name it.

Please contact for rates. Sliding scale available.

Academic Articles

Trying to finish that thesis? Writing a journal article? We can help your writing look its best by editing your academic writing up to publishing and presentation standards. APA, MLA, and Chicago style – you name it, we know where editing ends and plagiarizing begins.

Please contact for rates.


CV $10 – 30.00 (sliding scale)
Cover Letter $15 – 40.00 (sliding scale)
Applications: $4-14.00 per page (sliding scale)

Still using your CV or grant application template from 1994? We can help you get one step closer to that dream job, apartment, or funding you need. Stone Fruit has experience with not-for-profit, business, medical, and many other sectors.

15% of all profits go to RAVEN Trust.